Wisdom From The Elders
Friday, January 15th, 2016

Wisdom From The Red Island Tribe Elders

The second Red Island Ride is officially open and ready for entries! We’re really excited to take you on a special journey through Madagascar.

Although we’re completely in love with the ride and the island, we thought we’d let the founding members and riders from last year’s event (dubbed The Red Island Tribe Elders) share their reasons to experience this adventure…

For the Adventure

Colin Hendriks: “Because riding a mountain bike should be more about exploring and engaging with the unknown. Oh and the beer, don’t forget the THB beer!”

Ian Eldershaw: “I can’t get enough of the videos. They bring back such good memories! Madagascar had such a big effect on me I still sometimes wake in the night and think I’m there. (Then it’s a relief to find my wife sleeping next to me and not Jamie).”

Lee John: “Without a doubt the best experience of 2014! An amazing ride with amazing people!”

For the Culture

Sandy Kelly: “A chance to experience “Paris” with it’s street vendors, artists, boutique hotels, cafes and restaurants for a fraction of the euro cost.

I recommend it “unreservedly” as a fantastic ride of the most amazing footpath trails into otherwise inaccessible parts of a most intriguing island where one gets to experience the culture of the Malagasy, their industriousness in farming, building and small business, staying in quaint village lodges with incredible hospitality – the reception upon riding into town by residents surpasses the Tour de France – last time I rode it!!

All welded together by copious quantities of THB with the odd rum.”

For the Riding

Graham Rogoff: “Miles and miles of virgin single track heading in every direction – just too much fun!”

Anton Wood: “I can honestly say it was one of my mountain biking highlights. The crowd that went along, the places we stayed and the countryside will remain in my memories for a long time to come. I will be back!”

Spares to Spare?

Fiona Coward (Race Director) will be making her first trek and recce back to the Red Island at the end of March/early April. We’re running a spares drive to collect any extra kit, equipment and parts to take across and donate to the Ligue for aspiring Malagasy riders. If you have anything to spare for those speedy little racers who put our riders to shame last year, please email Fiona.

Spread the word

Entries are coming in already but there is still room for more. You can enter on the website – www.redislandride.com – and you can book your spouse or loved ones on an adventure of their own with our fantastic Supporters Packages.

Entries will be closing around mid June – so get that leave booked, inspire your friends to join you and get your entries in. Make 2016 the year of adventure and join us for the next epic Red Island Ride!

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