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31 August – 09 September 2017 including travel days from South Africa

Welcome to the Red Island Ride – a mountain bike stage race in the wilds and highlands of that mysterious country called Madagascar.

You will travel through the mountainous region of central Madagascar, into remote regions where the communities are not familiar with vazaha (foreigners) and drop down into the world famous rain forests to see the unique wildlife that exists hidden from the average tourist’s eyes.

Some of you will test yourselves against the clock and other riders but most of you will test yourselves against the terrain. You will experience true Malagasy hospitality, not the usual tourist fare or experiences. It is a poor nation but the people do not have impoverished spirit. You will leave a bit of your soul behind and carry a part of Madagascar with you when you leave. You will be the second generation of the Red Island Tribe and as such, will carry the flame with you always. Together we will build a community around the world of those who have been touched by their Malagasy experience.

The event is not for the faint hearted, nor is it for those expecting a western experience. The routes are technical and challenging and completely natural. Log bridges may be fixed up to assist support vehicles but the riders take the terrain as they find it. There may also be short portage sections across rice paddy fields.

There will be cut off points on each of the days and riders will be expected to at least reach these points if they are struggling. If there are irreparable mechanical issues, the support staff will endeavour to get to you sooner.

The event will be supported by a medic but riders are responsible for their primary safety. You are expected to have your own international medical cover but the race organisation will ensure that medical extraction in the event of an emergency is possible. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, you will be expected to bring your own medications and ensure that our medical team are aware of any issues. The most common issues are generally upset stomachs. Ensure that you wash your hands frequently and make use of hand sanitisers. It is most effective way of preventing any upsets.

The cost for 2017, including all Madagascar transfers, accommodation, all meals, entry fees for the local league race, is €1700. The final cost of the airfare is dependent on group size and is subject to change by the airline. You can expect this cost to be in the region of  €600.

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