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Stage 1: Ansirabe League Race (43km / 900m ascent)
Date: 01 September 2017

Our first introduction to Madagascar by bike is a rollercoaster ride out through the hills to the west of Antsirabe. Following tiny roads through settlements, footpaths and old wagon tracks, the route twists and turns its way through the countryside , eventually looping back to finish on the outskirts of Antsirabe.

Stage 2: Antsirabe to Sandrandahy (80km / 1400m ascent)
Date: 02 September 2017

The riders leave the centre of Antsirabe and will be escorted through the town for a neutral zone of about 5km. A swift descent from the outskirts of the town brings the riders to a wide path and the racing begins. Almost immediately, the route begins to climb on wide footpaths that twist and bump their way to the first of many small plateaus. Most of the first 12-15km are single track with some “interesting” wooden bridge crossings and brief portages over paddy fields. There is one long steep climb in this section but most of the ride will be quick. A small dirt road winds its way through the mountains bringing the riders to village where they join a larger road which in turn brings them to the base of a testing climb to get to the main plateau. Boulders and potholes make this challenging, but more so for our support vehicles than riders. Once on top, the jeep track undulates through grasslands and small forests with the odd stream. The route follows the paths and tracks of the highlands, linking ridgelines and granite outcrops before descending to cross the Fatihita River near Sandrandahy and on to Ambositra.

Stage 3: Ambositra to Sous Le Soleil (56km / 1620m ascent)
Date: 03 September 2017

Don’t be fooled by the distance. This is a tough ride with a lot of climbing. Immediately upon leaving Ambositra, the route climbs out the back of the town for 10km before contouring around several mountains, through a number of villages and some good condition roads. The route travels through forests, grasslands and rice paddies all offering fabulous picnic spots and photographic opportunities. At 35km riders will be relieved to take on a  7,5km piece of stunning single track that brings them onto the road to Antoetre (famous for wood carvings) and a fast 10km to our lodge for the night – Sous le Soleil. A real treat for everyone.

Stage 4: Sous Le Soleil Loop (28.5km / 780m ascent)
Date: 04 September 2017

From our mountain base in the Zafimaniry hills, the route follows fast, fun singletracks interspersed with short, sharp climbs and white knuckle descents. Again, don’t let the distance fool you – this is still a tough route but once you’ve conquered it, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the peaceful setting and great hospitality of the Sous Le Soleil camp.

Stage 5: Sous Le Soleil to Vohiposa (50km / 1120m ascent)
Date: 05 September 2017

Leaving Sous Le Soleil, we climb up towards the escarpment. The route follows footpaths and mountain roads, crossing a few bridges and rice paddies, before connecting with forest tracks and old wagon roads that take us all the way down to the village of Vohiposa. After a quick dip in the river (optional) it’s time to relax in the bus as we transfer to the beautiful Le Lac Hotel, on the edge of the famous Sahambavy tea plantations.

Stage 6: Sahambavy to Ranomafana (54.5km / 800m ascent)
Date: 06 September 2017

Leaving Le Lac Hotel, we wind our way through the Sahambavy tea plantations and head back into the hills. Following old forest roads and footpaths where there are a few good climbs to conquer on our way to the village of Anjamba. Then things change – the clock stops and it’s a neutral ride along the tar down through the rainforests to our overnight base in the town of Ranomafana.


After staying over in Ranomafana, the next day is a rest day during which we will transfer by road back to Ambositra. On Saturday morning, we leave for Tana. 



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